Order from your favorite restaurant, up to $50, and Delivery Solutions will pay for the order. Upon delivery to your home or business we will present you with a receipt for re-imbursement.  Re-imbursment must be made in cash so the driver can continue to use the $50 throughout the day. The delivery fee can still be paid with cash, or credit.

How it works

Step 1.

  • Choose the establishment of your choice.
  • Place your order.

Step 2.

  • Pay the establishment you ordered from online or over the phone.
  • ( Many of our affiliates will take your payment over the phone or online )

Step 3.

  • Call Delivery Solutions @ 575-528-1103
  • We will pick up and deliver to your home or business.
  • Delivery fee is $7.75 plus .25c per mile from the pick up location to the drop off location. ( We use Google maps )
  • Deliveries to areas outside of our   delivery footprint range from $1 - $5 extra.
  • We can deliver to areas far beyond our
  • delivery foot print. Please call us for details. ( Pricing may vary )

No minimum order required!

No minimum order required!

No minimum order required!

Don't want to use your credit card? No problem.